For a week in july we will have the privilege to become a part of the vibrant life in Ravnogor. It is a village where centuries-old music and dances are naturally integrated in the life. The spirit of togetherness fills up the air.

On the program:

  • daily sessions with folk dances from Bulgaria, Macedonia, Greece and gipsy (Roma) dances with Mihail Dinchev and local dancers.
  • daily singing workshops with a  professional song pedagogue/choir conductor  and local singers/musicians. Focus on Bulgarian vocal technique. Authentic songs from different regions of the country and arranged pieces.

We will dance in the local community hall (on wooden floor). Sessions will be opened to people from the village. Normally we are joined by many locals who gladly share the joy of the dance with us and show a few tricks.

Highlights of the week 20 – 27 July, 2020:

  • Tuesday: visit to the village museum and to several friends in their houses.
  • Thursday and saturday: hiking tours with magnificent mountain views.
  • Wednesday: evening with local musicians and the village singing group.
  • Thursday:  Flag ceremony (Youth fest) with the village singing group.
  • Friday and Saturday: joining the party at the unique Youth celebration. Youth, bagpipes and wild circle dances! See for yourself here: Nabora (Youth fest 2014) 
  • Sunday: Day trip to a Folk music festival with participants from the whole country