Annual Bagpipe Festival in the village of Gela, Bulgaria

The village of Gela (Central Rhodope mountains) is believed by many to be the birthplace of Orpheus, the mythical musician and poet.

The Bagpipe Festival in Gela takes place during the first weekend in August of each year. For two days the meadows above the picturesque Rhodope village become the stage for an exciting competition among bagpipers from all over the country as well as for an unbelievable party with folk music, chain dance and loads of roasted lamb.

Performance of Angel Uzunov (from the village of Ravnogor) at the Annual Bagpipe Competition in the village of Gela, Bulgaria
Video: György Stuber and Nina Grantcharova, August 2012.

Video from the Annual Bagpipe Competition held in the village of Gela, Rhodope region, August 2011.