Nina Grantcharova

I was born in Bulgaria in a family of musicians and Bulgarian folk music has always been a large part of my life. I hold a PhD degree in Molecular biology but for several years now I have dedicated my enthusiasm to my own folkloristic research. My main research interest is the vocal folklore of the Rhodope mountain area (Southern Bulgaria). I also focus on the means of transfer of vocal and instrumental traditions and dance to the younger generations.
I have started a vocal group for authentic Bulgarian folklore in the city of Stockholm, Sweden, where I have lived in many years. The repertoire of the group is based on non-harmonized rural polyphony. Many of the songs are from my own field-work.

My journey through Ethno Space starts at the Rhodope mountains of Bulgaria. It is a land of untouched nature and cultural richness where the spirit and the songs of the past are still full of life.

György Stuber

I was born in Budapest, Hungary. I went to a Catholic gymnasium (Piarista), an oasis in the dessert of lies during the communist dictatorship. The years there determined my values and aims in life. For political reasons I was not alowed to study ethnology or litterature in the university, so I studied biology. I hold two PhD degrees - one in genetics and microbiology from the Eötvös L. University in Budapest and another one in Cancer immunology from the Karolinska Institute in Sweden.
In the early 70s, I participated in the so called Dance House movement in Hungary. The aim of this spontaneous movement was to bring back the authentic Hungarian folklore and build it into the moden lifestyle, as a way for the youngsters at that time to gather and have fun in a meaningful way. Following the legacy of Béla Bartók and Zoltán Kodály , "Only from clean sources!", we turned to the authentic folklore, collected and documented the still existing treasures of vocal and instrumental music and used them in the dance houses. read complete CV

Sonya Georgieva

I was born in town of Popovo, North-East Bulgaria. My grandparents have always been connected with the Bulgarian folk music and I was influenced by their love, too. My grandfather has played the instruments gadulka and mandolin and my grandmother was a folk singer. They have lived in a village in Kustendil area (South-West Bulgaria) and played mostly the folk music from Shopluk. In the middle of the last century they have moved to North-East Bulgaria for new opportunities in their live. Everyone from my family loves very much the music from Shopluk. That is why these songs are my favorite and nowadays I mostly present the typical vocal style of Shopluk.
I am a graduate from Plovdiv Academy of Music Dance and Fine Arts with degrees in "Performing Art of Folk Singing" and "Conducting of Folk Choirs and Orchestras" and have also studied Finnish folk songs, dances and instruments at Sibelius Music Academy in Helsinki, Finland. I am a member of the groups "Vaya Quartet", "Finno-Balkan Voices" and "3Leva".

Todor Bakoev

I was born in Sliven, Central-East Bulgaria and I play the traditional folk string instrument gadulka. My musical journey starts at a very early age as I inherited the art of gadulka playing from my grandfather who was a respected Bulgarian folk musician. As a nice old man he started to teach me on the instrument and his first lessons were just as a game. I imitated him and his playing and after time I realized that I love this instrument and I want to develop more my skills on it. During my education in the Music High School "Philip Koutev", Kotel, Bulgaria, my grandfather was also a very important part as he still continued to show me authentic melodies and songs on the instrument gadulka.

Later, I also graduated from Plovdiv Academy of Music, Dance and Fine Arts, where I took a master degree in "Gadulka Performing Art". I am a member of the groups "Plovdiv Instrumental Quintet" which accompanies the famous choir "The Mystery of The Bulgarian Voices" and "3Leva".